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About Me
My Personal Journey


About me:

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.” - Unknown

About a child I danced in a African mission field, climbing through my own inner world of mountains, stars and secret jungles only existent in my thoughts. 

I believed in God, in saving insects from webs and in ALWAYS dancing in the downpour when the rain began to fall.

As an awkward teenager I pushed myself forward through endless confusing high school halls, paused with loneliness and drifted away to paradises in my head only I could see...dreaming that one day I would survive the cruel world and teach it to be my best friend.

Time passed by and still onward I walked, my faith growing and withering with the passing of life's endless tides about me.

Religion broke me within its clutches along the way, crumpling me for what felt like eternity to come within my hidden cage until finally I filled with boldness and broke the latch to fly free.

My freedom, however, was a delusion...a mirage in a desert land.  Where I thought my flight from religion was bringing me to earthly paradise and freedom, I ended up coughing up the dry dust of lies instead.

What Lies May Come

I went for years, for miles of life, my twenties a blur of rope play pulling hard on religion in efforts to drag  what I deemed to be its lies into the mud. 

A cynical spirit was growing in me; I sneered at the ridiculousness of Biblical truth...I laughed at the closed minded plights of the Christian world I had once been rooted within.

I was agnostic to the core, wrapped in philosophical arguments and propaganda induced "truth".

After spending hours...days...months of my life soaking in popular shows, talk shows and secular perspective, the media had sufficiently soaked my mind in christian mockery. 

I felt sad, deep down, like a real girl reversing into a mannikin state.  I had no hope other than death to life empty of purpose.

Two Days Past...

It was two days ago.

I sat down with my laptop for a mini marathon of "Ghost Adventures", my epic crush on Zak Bagans fueling my way as I caught up on my favorite show of the supernatural.

Now, I've watched this show for years and I've always been drawn to this type of genre; but this particular episode shook me for some reason.

It dealt with a demonized house; as I watched, something in me began to wake up to the truth of the darkness that exists in our world.

It's funny how you can take in hints of these things for so long...but your vision is simply distorted...your ears almost buffered with distracting noise so you can't hear what's really going on.

Like a massive bell going off in my head, I realized that night that if there is such evil in this world all targeted in particular at tarnishing the writings and teachings of Jesus Christ, than there must be something real to the one named Jesus, the Son of God.

Cracking the Final Code - The Illuminati

You've no doubt heard, watched and observed the blatant influence of the Illuminati in our world, particularly through our media.

I don't care to give it much attention here as it gives itself enough attention in practically everything airing on television...from Family Guy, to the MTV music awards...even the Superbowl halftime (look it up).

It doesn't take a prodigy to realize that their symbolism is the blatant opposite of Christianity.  Jesus Christ is mocked often through the symbolic use of upside down crosses and Satanic placed dominance over the Holy Trinity (The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost).

Now, this Illuminati stuff is often presented as the Age of Enlightenment.  It is presented as technological mindedness and universal acceptance between all mankind.  In reality, it is built completely on mind control, callused thinking, indifference, controlled freedom and human sacrifice.

For proof of these things, all you have to do is browse YouTube.  I recommend looking up a channel called: The Vigilant Christian.  This guy does an incredible job laying all of this stuff out in detail.  (I will put one of his video links below)

My Conclusion

If you are in that place where you have been taught that Christianity is evil, closed minded and false, I understand.

To discover the truth for yourself, let yourself really examine what is going on in our world through the Illuminati.

I think that this is one of the most blatant wake up calls one can receive.

Guys, we aren't stupid.  We all know that the bag guy is always trying to kill the good guy.  First things first, look at the facts about the Illuminati; secondly, look at what they are always targeting to tear down.

I'd be happy to share any of my journey with you or talk with you at any time.

Break free...

with much love,



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