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Guided Meditation - Law of Attraction

The New Age Farse

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” 
 Stephen Richards

I was staring at a long way down, no ropes in sight, no light of hope in my night.

My failures washed over me like a tormented sea, relinquishing thoughts of bafflement and sorrow through powerful winds of overwhelming proportions.

I couldn’t find the “more to me” that I was looking for…I couldn’t create my future success that I so longed to see become reality within my life.  My attempts to discover my exceptional future existence felt comparable to climbing up a ice crusted hill, one step forward and two steps back...for as long as I should live.

I wanted the life I had always dreamed of living…I wanted to see the woman in the mirror I had always dreamed to be.  Onward and onward life seemed to go, as disheartening words from others accompanied my journey, letting me know just how under the mark my life had become.

Life just kept breaking me, smaller and smaller my hearts hopes would crumble until simply having a most basic of successful existences seemed my highest lot to attain.

I wanted so very much to succeed…I wanted to find that higher place within myself and live there; that place where my passions ran hot within my heart and blood; that place that filled me with awe and power at all my existence could be.

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.~Kuan Yin”

They say that mimicking another way of being is the highest form of flattery one can give to another.  Nothing draws rich friendship faster than the lavishing of deep acceptance on others we meet.  When we show value to others by treating them as though they are fantastically unique gifts within our lives, that emotion always flows back over us, like a natural catapulting of beauty and light..back and forth…back and forth…like a sunshine touching a prism and in turn, that prism shining back its rainbow light.

Let Jesus Christ be your light

We teach ourselves to stay grounded in the things we can already see…the familiar things we’ve always known, whether they be negative or positive.  It’s hard to press beyond our mental comfort zones; after all…what if we fail?  What if the fall is greater than it has ever been?

Do we really know that we contain the elements already within us to soar to every height we ever longed for or ever imagined?

Do we have the slightest comprehension of what we are capable of being…not tomorrow, but today?

The Law of Attraction is lie of the evil one, aimed at getting humanity to look upon themselves as gods. 

The video below explains the basis of this beautifully.

Fly with truth, don't fall for lies.

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