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The Ekklesia

I have adapted the following from what was said at a meeting in March, 2016 with Robert Henderson of Global Reformers and Jacquie Tyre of Atlanta.

If we are going to deal with territorial spirits, we must have a house that has the right to present cases in the Court. Matt. 16:18,19 is referring to a governmental people, a people called out for governmental purposes.

To the Greeks the Ekklesia was the guys that met in the city gates that made decisions about the city and what life would look like in that city. To the Romans it was the ones that went into conquered regions and changed the culture from whatever it had been to Roman. That was the job of the Ekklesia. That is what we are here to do, to make disciples of the nations, so that it looks more like heaven than like hell. The Ekklesia was a people called out for governmental purposes. Whoever gathered at the city gate got the privilege of being a part of the Ekklesia. So guess who gets to be a part of the Ekklesia – those who show up. We come together for a unified purpose, but judicial decisions are made in the activity of the Ekklesia.

“Upon this rock I will build My Ekklesia.” So an Ekklesia doesn’t just appear, it has to be built. The word “build”, its root word is Oikos, which means “household”. It is a household that is going to become a government. God is building houses that become governments. People who are connected and joined through alignment that become a house in the Spirit, that God entrusts with governmental authority so they can present cases in the Court of Heaven that somebody has to present or the devil wins by default.

And guess what: the devil’s been winning by default, because there are very few houses that have the right to present a case. If I was the devil, and I understood the judicial system of God (which he does), and knew it took a house to present cases that could change cultures, I am going to try to keep those houses from being built. And that’s what he’s been doing.

But God’s going to win, because He has a people, He has a remnant who is going to come together in connection and in alignment to see houses built that carry the governmental authority to present cases in the Court of Heaven.

Isa. 2:2 “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the tops of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow to it.” Mountains always speak of government. That’s what mountains and hills are. They are governments in the seen and unseen realm. Houses speak of family. So the mountain of the Lord’s house is a house that is a government. It shall be established in the tops (the word “tops” is rosh, and means governmental head).

So God says, “I am going to have a house that is carrying governmental authority, I am going to establish it in the tops of the mountains. This house is going to so change the spiritual atmosphere over mountains that the mountains underneath those atmospheres will now begin to make right decisions and literally there will be a development of a Kingdom culture rather than a satanic culture that now dominates, because the mountain of the Lord’s house is established in the tops of the mountains.

So we are looking for God’s governing family. God knits us together in family bonds so that He can then trust us with governmental authority.

Gen. 14:14 Abram hears that his brother-in-law has been taken captive by four kings and their armies who have been defeated by five kings and their armies. “Now when Abram heard that his brother had been taken captive he armed his 318 trained servants who were born in his own house, and went in pursuit as far as Dan.” He then defeated 4 kings and their armies and got Lot back. But he did more than that. He broke the power of a demonic army.

Abram’s house became an army. An army is an expression of government. You can never be a government until you are first a family. It takes time, it is a process to become a family. We are looking for those with kindred spirits who would like to align with us, and to come along on this journey with us to become family, and from there learn together how to go into the Court of Heaven to win cases for ourselves and our county. In turn, we are aligning with Jacquie Tyre of Kairos Transformation Ministries, Inc., City Gate, Atlanta.

According to Abram’s house, 3 things were necessary to be a family that can function as a government.

1. They were born in his house. They had the DNA of Abram’s house, which helped them understand and made them a part of the culture. If you are going to come in you just have to be of the DNA. You’re not going to fit everywhere. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just means that’s not your group, it’s not what you’re supposed to be joined to. Don’t get guilt ridden about it or say, “Oh, they’re wrong”. No, nobody’s wrong, nobody’s right, it’s about DNA. It is about what God put in you that resonates when you get in the right group.

2. Abram trained them, it is about learning protocol. Every house has a protocol that allows it to function as a government. You can have the DNA, but if you don’t want to adapt yourself to the protocol, you can miss what God has for you. Because one of the things God is getting rid of is lawlessness in the Body of Christ. We don’t get to do what we want to do, we have to adapt ourselves to the protocol of the house and be trained.

Why? Because when you step into the spirit realm you want to make sure you’re in protocol. If you’re not in protocol, when you challenge spiritual powers of darkness it can come back against you. So learn the protocol of the house and adapt yourself to it. Yes, there is freedom and liberty, but there are also some boundaries. The protocol of each house might be different, so you will need to be willing to be trained in the protocol of the house.

3. Arm them or empower them. Empowerment always comes out of a house. People are trying to get empowered, but quit running around trying to get someone to lay hands on you, and make yourself a part of a house. If you will get connected to a house you will really get empowered and receive everything that you need. Abram’s house had DNA in it, had protocol in it and had empowerment in it that allowed them to begin to function as a government. It was a house that became a government, and that is what God is looking for.

The importance of houses. In 2 Samuel 3:1 it was a house that God ordained to rule Israel and not just David, a house that carried governmental authority. I am just trying to establish for you how important it is to see a house built in the spirit realm that now has the governmental rights and judicial presence in the spirit realm to be able to present cases that rule nations that changes culture. This is why we try to change culture, but we have not done it. We have done the best that we know how to do with the understanding we’ve had.

As a Church we have been doing spiritual warfare for our nation since the 1990’s, but it has not worked on a national level. Rather, things have become worse. Why? Because we have not understood that it takes a house of people that are built together and aligned together to be able to go into the spirit realm and present cases in the Court that allow God’s will to be done. We have been trying to do it as individuals, as this ministry or as that ministry, but it is never going to work. All we do is stir up the devil to backlash against the nation. So we are going to have to have some houses that have governmental authority.

Many have chalked up our failure to wrong eschatology: “Oh well, the devil is going to take it all over anyway.” Then what are we even trying for? You see, I don’t believe that. I believe we are here to change culture until it looks more like heaven than it does like hell.

In Matthew 25 when Jesus comes back there’s going to be sheep nations and goat nations. There will be goat nations that belong to Satan, but there will be sheep nations that the Ekklesia has discipled (Matt. 28:19) who have developed a kingdom culture for God’s will to be done, because they have learned principles. So God uses houses to step into governmental places.

The principle of alignment. I believe that Jesus uses the principle of alignment to build houses. If I was to say any principle, I believe it is the principle of alignment that Jesus uses to build houses. In Matt. 16:18 Jesus said, “and on this rock I will build”. So we have to understand alignment.

In Eph. 4:11, 12 “He gave some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints…” The word for “equipping” is kartartismos. This word’s very best translation is “alignment”. It is a chiropractic term of putting something back into joint that has gotten out of joint. So the purpose of the 5-fold ministry is to produce alignment.

The 5-fold ministry is a big piece of the building of the Ekklesia, and is supposed to fashion and form the Ekklesia that is a governmental house that has the right to function in the Court of Heaven. The principle that is used to build this house from these 5 giftings is the principle of alignment. God uses the principle of alignment to bring us into connectivity so that in the spirit realm we are joined together as a house that can carry governmental authority in the realms of the Spirit. So it is extremely important that we are rightly connected.

The way you get connected to our Coweta County group is to first accept that God has connected you to Paul Schneider Jr. and his team, and you say, “I am aligned with these people, I am connected to these people. In the spirit, I am joined and I am a part of this house”.

It is not the old church model where you come up, sign a piece of paper, and join. This doesn’t adequately express what really should be happening in the spirit realm. What should be happening in the spirit realm is that I know I’m connected in the spirit realm to this apostolic leader and his team, therefore I am joining and connecting and expressing that and becoming a part of the house. So alignment is very important.

In Luke 5:7, Peter and his partners were aligned together. His partners helped bring in the catch. They got the same benefit that Peter had even though Jesus wasn’t in their boat and they didn’t hear His word. When we are aligned in the spirit realm we get the same blessing. When we practice this alignment, a house can be built that can be governmental in nature.

In Matt. 8:5-13 the Centurion servant asks Jesus to come to his house and heal his servant, but later asks Jesus to just speak the word, and his servant will be healed. Jesus sees that the Centurion gets it, that Jesus is in perfect connection with the government of heaven, therefore Your words carry authority in the unseen realm and causes things to move in the spiritual because of the principle of alignment. In fact, Jesus used the principle of alignment to perform miracles, because He was able to release the authority He carried into given situations, just like He did with the Centurion soldier.

When you come into right alignment you will start to carry authority you didn’t carry before. You begin to carry authority that we have warred for. You get the benefits of the battles others have fought and won that you didn’t have to fight and win. When you come into connection, you get sucked up into a new dimension of authority.

Alignment is critical to carrying authority in the Court of Heaven. How you are aligned will determine the jurisdiction you carry in the Court of Heaven.

When Robert Henderson formed the House of Global Reformers last February (2015), 30 businesses and ministries initially joined. To their absolute amazement, at the first meeting when they were at a round table setting it was like heaven opened up and they knew in the spirit that God had given Global Reformers a place in the Court of Heaven. Robert knew that they had a right to present cases in heaven because heaven recognized them as a house. And the seers were seeing what Robert was feeling.

When we align with other houses, it gives us greater jurisdiction in the Court of Heaven. Jurisdiction is very important, and how you are recognized in the Court has everything to do with what you get to present.

God has houses that have a right to present cases. When you get rightly connected your authority realm will go up and you will be positioned in another dimension in the spirit realm in the Court of Heaven that allows you to do things there you potentially would not have been able to do otherwise. That is the principle of alignment.

The example of Abraham and Lot, Gen. 13:6-11. Lot is aligned with Abraham. When their herdsmen start striving because they are both so blessed, Lot made a deadly mistake. He thought that he was being blessed because the blessing of God was upon him. He did not realize that he was blessed because of the one he was connected to. He should have said, “I will fix it, I will not separate from you”, but he didn’t do that. Instead he separated from Abraham to go to Sodom, which was said to be like the garden of the Lord. In other words, if anybody can be a success, they will be able to be a success there.

So he went that way, and guess what happened. He ended up in a cave with his two daughters committing incest with him, having lost everything before it was said and done, because the moment he got out of an alignment with Abraham the blessings stopped.

Whatever anointing we have is greatly enhanced and empowered because of the connection of the place we are joined to.

The Widow of Zarepath 1 Kings 17:8-16. First Elijah asked for something valuable, but next he asked for something precious. The precious will produce a miracle, the valuable never will. She received a miracle because she aligned herself with her first fruits – the prophet said “make me one first”. He pushed her into the first fruit principle. Her first fruit offering to Elijah created alignment with him that allowed her to draw from the anointing that was on him, so that her house was sustained in the famine while many others suffered and even died.

Honor creates alignment. It is the principle of honor that creates alignment that builds the house. This is seen in the life of Abraham and Melchizedek in Heb. 7. Abraham by the spirit knows things by the spirit that perhaps others haven’t picked up on. Melchizedek was probably Jesus in a pre-incarnate state. Abraham is compelled to bring a tithe to Melchizedek. Abraham’s tithe created the alignment that allowed the blessing to be given to him. Real impartation is always the result of alignment.

Paul imparted to Timothy. Elijah imparted to Elisha. Moses gave to Joshua. There was connection, there was alignment that was working there that allowed substantial, significant impartation into their life. It is honor that creates the alignment that allows the blessing and empowerment to come.

Honor comes from a revelation of who someone is. Abraham knew by revelation who Melchizedek was. The Lord said to me, “never be so impressed with who you are that you cannot see who someone else is.” And the Body of Christ is full of that. We are all so stinking spiritual that we think we hung the moon, so we cannot see who someone else is, and the reason we feel that way is because in reality we are struggling with our own identity and we have a need to be somebody. God wants to get us freed from that trap and get us satisfied in who we are, then we will really become who we are. But I can’t be so impressed with who I am that I can’t see who somebody else is.

Guess what! The one God has you to connect to is not some big named personality on TBN. It is the body of Christ rightly connected together with real genuine apostolic authority that is going to change the cultures of the earth, because there will be houses built that they are leading. So first I have a revelation of who someone is, and out of that choose to honor that.

Honor is always depicted in finance. 1 Tim. 5:17,18  Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine. For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,” and “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” Double honor means twice moneys paid. God connects money with honor.

Prov. 8:16 “…In her left hand riches and honor.” If something is in the same hand it means it is connected. Even when the Philistines were sending back the Ark, they didn’t dare send it back without an offering connected to it. Because they understood that they had to show honor to this God that keeps judging us as they sent it back. Even the heathen understood that honor and finances are connected.

So we by revelation know who someone is, we desire to honor, and we do that through our finances. This is primarily through the offering of first fruits, but the tithe also. We need to understand that money creates alignment, both good and bad.

I can use my money to create connections. In Mark 4, the seeds fell on the ground, and the earth brought forth (not the seed). If you want to get what’s in the ground, you don’t put the earth in your mouth. It is your seed that connects you to that ground, so that you can collect a harvest from it. This is where the alignment actually becomes functional.

“I myself am connected into 5 apostolic leaders, and I sow finances into every one of them every month, significant finances as God would bless me. I sow into their lives because I want viable, real connections out of honor depicted through finances that creates the alignment.

In the same way, every member of Global Alliances that gave to the ministry saw significant blessings come to them because of the honor they gave with their gifts, and those who didn’t give didn’t say a word. I don’t care if your name is on a list, there’s no functional connection, there is no functional alignment without monetary investment. It is finances that depict honor that creates alignment.

If you are going to build a house, if you all need to be a part of a house, you need to connect through the principle of alignment in a functional way, to become part of a real house that carries governmental authority in the spirit realm so we can present cases that will allow cultures to shift and the culture of the Kingdom to manifest in the earth, rather than the culture created by principalities and powers.

God gives leaders of houses the strategy on how things are supposed to be built. In Germany they so understand the Court of Heaven. They spent 12 years getting the house built before they felt like they were ready to take on issues in the city. I am not saying we need to do that, I am saying that is what they did. Because these people are serious disciples. Now they are changing the city, and they are going on prayer assignments to Rome to deal with Catholicism, they just got back from Jerusalem and Israel dealing with issues concerning Israel, and they have one more scheduled that they are going to, because they now feel like they have a house that is strong enough as a family to be able to carry governmental authority to step into the Courts of Heaven and give God the legal right to begin to take things over in nations.

Say this: “Lord, lead me, show me my alignments. If I don’t already know it, reveal it to me. I want to be a part of a governmental house that can move into the realms of heaven and see things shift and change over cities, states and nations, and over cultures. And, Lord, I also say, I do not want the devil to win by default. Lord, please raise us up, and forgive us for all the places we have been independent, self-centered, all about self, and not about Your purposes. We want Your will done in the earth, so we are committed to see houses built that can take their place in the realm of the spirit, and see verdicts rendered, for Your will to be done.

So, Lord, tonight we come just to lay our lives down, and to say, ‘not my will, but Your will be done. We have surrendered to You’. Thank you for Your presence, Lord, and just come over us now. Come, Holy Spirit. Help us, Lord, strengthen us, Lord, empower us. Here in Atlanta, GA raise up houses full of life and power to see things truly shift and move so that Your will is done, so that Atlanta is reformed and transformed and revivals break forth and reformation comes; but it also flows out of here into the nation of America and into the nations of the earth, Lord. Lord, we are just saying, let Your will be done. And we thank You for it, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

Jacquie Tyre has stated the following:

I just want you to know that part of the reason that we were able to do what we did here tonight is because we are apostolically aligned with Dutch Sheets and Network Ekklesia, and with Global Spheres, which is Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner, and as of today, with Robert Henderson and Global Reformers. We give significantly every month and when God says “go do something else” we go do something else.

And I will tell you, you look around this room, there is probably 35, maybe 40 that are in this room that are shareholders. We call our folks that are all aligned here “shareholders”. We adopted this from Apostle Clay Nash instead of “members” because we are all sharing in the vision. That means you have a responsibility to the vision, you don’t just get to come, because you can have a membership to a gym down the street, and never go, and never get any benefits and never follow through with any responsibility.

But when you’re a shareholder there is a shared blessing and responsibility that happens. If you are not aligned somewhere that is carrying the DNA that resonates on the inside of you, find it. And I am saying that to individuals, but I am also saying it to ministry leaders. We do what we do here because I’ve laid a foundation for nearly 30 years, in the back corner of my house praying. Which nobody saw and nobody knew and I don’t care, and getting the cheese beat out of me sometimes, as a friend of mine says sometimes.

But here’s the deal. Many intercessors during the spiritual warfare movement from the 90’s forward, and I was one of them, got beat up and lost precious things in their families. Then there was a book written by John Paul Jackson, and he had a partial revelation, and I was actually walking with him at the time.

And as I began to come into the understanding of the apostolic, what the Lord said to me was that what John Paul saw was truth, because it was individual intercessors going after principalities and powers that they did not have jurisdiction and authority to go after. He said that it was going to take a company of people, led by five-fold, that would have the strategy and the earned authority (not just delegated authority, earned authority) to be able to move into that arena, and then we would be able to deal with it. But with this revelation, different wording but this revelation that He gave me right after John Paul released that, and it caused such confusion in the body of Christ.

But see, he had a partial. Praise God for that because we needed that at that moment. Because we had intercessors dying, children dying, businesses, families falling apart. It was real, and it was ugly. But God is giving us an opportunity in this hour to align as a spiritual house in this city. Not that you all become City Gate, Atlanta, that's not what I'm saying. But tonight what happened here is in the Spirit my brothers back here, we aligned. Whether it’s for this moment, or if it is something ongoing. But for this moment our hearts aligned. And Ekklesia functioned, and we dealt with something, and we had a high school student release a prophetic word telling us what happened in the Spirit.

See, I don’t want this to be a once-in-awhile thing. I don’t know what we do with all of this, because God hadn’t said yet, but I’m telling you, there’s a house rising in Atlanta. In Atlanta there’s a house rising. So those of you that I don’t know - I don’t think I know some of ya’all, but let’s connect; let’s find a way that we can do this together.

I don’t know why I am the one convening this, except God. I’m the reluctant one. But I will not resist my Father. In the natural I may be reluctant, but I will not resist Him, for the sake of His glory and His purposes in this city and in the nations of the world.

So right now, in the name of Jesus, I bless each and every one of you with every good and perfect gift that comes down from our Father who is in heaven. The glorious King of Light. Father, I release a blessing of grace and wisdom and understanding and might and council and the fear of the Lord. Father, I a hunger (if there’s anything I carry, Lord, it’s a hunger). I release a hunger into these people, for Your glory, that supersedes and overshadows everything else, and Lord, a passion to find the place of connection and alignment that will bring honor to Your name and glory into this land, in Jesus’ name.

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